" Eeenaa of Light" 
   I Am A Spiritual Woman,    Creative Entrepernuer, Artist, Writer & Inventor. I am on a Mission for World Peace Numerologist, M.C. & Talk Radio Producer - Hostess..    


      Warmest Greetings, Aloha, O-si-yo, Hola, Namaste to All Today!
                       Eeenaa, Happy, Over 60 & Having Big Fun! 
        I have been a Creative Entrepernuer for over 40 years,  as a Portrait Artist, Sculpturess, Designer. I have been doing Astrology and Numerology for 45 years. My Career in Childcare for 25 years was my Great Joy, In the 90's I became #1 Kitchen Desigen in Michigan, now I own 20 Copyrights for Educational Games, Dolls, Toys and T.V. shows too.
 I look foward to Sharing my Gifts with the World in 2014 yeaa!               
  My Desire - Join the Masculine & Feminine & Create Divine Humans then, 
      Join the Matriarchy with the Patiarchy an Create A Happyarchy!

   My tools are Numerology and Card Readings with a little Astrology too.
I want to give you the tools to use to become happy because of Free Willa/Will,
I Can Share - You get to Choose? Remember Life is a Gift of Love & Lessons some
are Good others Hard Designed to Bring about True Happiness and World Peace!

                                            *UPDATE: 9-5-2014*
           * Manifesting September - Time to Love Yourself & Fly*
   Be Thankful Everyday, Be Grateful, Co-Create Your Happy!

   For Private Readings, Soul & Happy Coaching or Number & Astrology Readings or a Light Healing with Light Beings & Angels go to Meet Me Page.
We Would Love to Assist You the Heavenly Being and Me yeaaaa!

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                           "Soul-la/Soul's Eye View"
  We are all Reaping the Harvest of What We have Sown! Is your Harvest Fruitful and Bountiful, Was it Nurtured with Love, Cherished and Respected by you and others kind and  Loving Hands? Is your Life the One you Planned? That You Created with Your Gentle Hand? Or, Were you Raised to Think You Were to Good to Get your Hands Dirty? Or, Were You Taught You Didn't Deserve a Apple, Let Alone a Harvest? Oh My! Were You Told You were Born a Sinner? You Had to Do As Your Elders said or You Would Pay or Go to Hell if You Followed Other's Views? All Made Up by Humans to Have Control of You with their Rules? This is the Reality for Millions Created Not of Love and Gratitude but, Others Greed & Selfish Needs! The Soul is the Inner Sun of Your Universe, We can Light & Empower You! 
                  Your True Happy, Your Magnificent Beauty and Loving Heart!      
          Welcome to Soul's Eye View a Journey from Darkness to Light Yeaaaa!!
  This is truly my Honor to have Your Eyes Upon my Words! Thank You for Your Amazing
  Seeking Spirit!, for Opening the Door of Your Soul's Eye Views, to ponder my words, Open
   your Heart to Considering the Profound Wisdom of Your Soul? - Our Sun is Infinite!
   Wow! Sunset in My Parking  Lot! ©2010 by Nana
                                      Do You See What I See? Oh My! 
                                           "Welcome to the World"

   Our Soul's need our great assistance, all this time we believed you created the
circumstances that surround us, I admit we all did the best we could to co-create
a life of our own design, the fact of the matter is our birth parents had control. They
took over your Free Willa/Will Power and started placing Mental, Physial, Emotional
and Spiritual Imprints upon You. They were imprinted as were all your ancestors!.
Wow! See what had happen was, of the billions of people there are trillions of opinions,
of what is right or wrong, or, good or bad, the judgements and oppression placed on
you before you could tie your shoe,. before, we could get a clue! They covered us with thier
Karmic Glue from now on if someone tries to blame you for what they do say " Bounce Off Me Stick On You!" or "I Forgive You it's Obvious You Know Not What You Do!" What Emmanuel said was True! You Can Clean that Darkness Off You.! You can Start when You Decide You want to be Free, One Moment, One Thought, that You Love You and You were Born with Angels Waiting for You to say "Please Assist Me to Co-Create Some Happy Today! "
                              "Time to Free Willa/Will Power"

   I was guided by Angels to Share with You a Feminine Vocabulary to Shift
     the Sound Vibrations and Energy and Create a Balance Within Again!

  Our Soul-la's/Soul Feeds Off Love, Laughter, and Kindness to Self & Others.
Our Willa/Will Power is Activated Only When Our Soul-la/Soul Are Happy!
Our Heart/Honey & Inner/Innaa Child Needs Your Love! Time to Ignite Your Solar/Sunny Plexes with Belief in You. Please Stop your Ego/Ega from Controlling your Mind with Reflections of Past Mistakes. Connect to Your High/Highya Self, so Your "Angels" can Talk to You! Time to Release Blocks in Your Physical Root/Rootie Chakra let go of Past/Pain by Forgiving Others & You, Shake Your Bootie, Dance or Exercise, then Your Dreams You'll Begin  to Realize!  So proud of you all! Go Onnn Now! Yeaaa!

                                                   UPDATE: New Photo Below!

"Exquinox Sky" 9/22/13 ParkingLot View! ©9/13 by Nana Mystery
                                         "Happy Keys"

(#1-Key) Becoming Happy 1st-We must Release past Hurts and Transgressions Against Ourselves and Others it's Possible with Love of Self, A Few Gentle Loving Actions By You and A Friend to Talk You Through, You Can Get Your Happy Back!
I started by Tapping with Brad Yates on Youtube, Then I wrote that, Oh Nooo
Release and Let go List, I let go of Doubts, Fear I'm not good enough, my Hurts
I let go of Lack, Anger at Self and Others, I let go Criticism of myself, feeling
unworthy, and loneness too. Write your Letter, but, at Top of page write "All Soul Contract's and Vows that No Longer Serve My Highet Good", next, write I, Name                        from this day forward, Forgive Myself and Others and Release all Contracts with                                               thier names, from past and present, I Realease and Let Go of All Vows an Promises that no longer Serve Our Hightest Good! Say Out Loud, I Forgive U, I Release U, I Let U Go! U go Your Way, I'll Go Mine and Never Ever Again Shall Ours Souls Entwine! Then tear in pieces, put in water throw away or burn it if safe put water on ashes, Say Goodbye then send on with Luv & Light! Please repeat if nessasary it takes time be kind to you.

(#2-Key) The Appreciation and Gratitude Shift - Implement Reverse Psychology
for Every Bad Thought, Word and Deed put/do 3 Happy Thoughts, Words and Deeds right after! (i.e. I hate me! say NO! Sorry! I love me! I love me! I love me!)

(#3-Key) Write Your Happy Script Start by Listing 10 Things, what would make you
Happy, Healthy, Feel Loved, Feel Safe and Prosperous. Next, Read it Out Loud! Ask Your Angels to Assist You to Co-Create the Life You Deserve as Queen/King! You are the Star of Your Life/Movie and Others are Co-stars or Bit-Players & Pretenders who Cater to your Ego/Ega, the Good/Bad Guys that you Cast by Choice! Time To Rewrite & Recast your Movie, with a Happy Begining & Ending! Why Not?!

Nana at the J. Paul Getty Museum   ©  1976 by Nana Mystery
                                             " The Virgin & Child with St. Anne c.1510 by Leonado Da Vinci"
                                                               I am Viewing Original Painting in Awe!
                           "Life Is A Game, Play It" - Mother Teresa

                       "Lady Nana Mystery"    Sending Love & Light


Mayan Sun Goddess proceeded by Sun Serpent ©2013
            By Lady Mystery behind the Veil taken on My Cell. 

Seeing is believing, and I want you to believe in You! Give Your Inner/Innaa Child some Love & Big Hug! Trust Your Angels They Luv You!

A True Creative Spiritual
Being Doing Your Human
Thing. Use Your Heart to Guide You Through! You Are What You Think & Do! I am Proud of You!

  Time To Become Your
     Own Best Friend
    Cause True Happy
        Begins Within!

                       All Photos were taken on my cell phone. I have over 100 Photos
                               Behind the Veil of Actual Proof from my Backyard
    My Amazing Brother Mike was the Genius Behind How To Capture the Pictures in 2006!

Sun Goddess "Hathor Yogi Rainbow"
 7/25/09©By Lady Mystery

On last show in Dec. 2012, I called the "Amazing Colette Baron Reed" on her Show, That day 
I just recieved her Oracle Deck , I was trying them out for frist time. Wow! The High Lord of Graditude
& Service flew out the deck, then I pulled one card Shazam! The High Lady of Love & Compassion came.
I called Colette to ask what she thought? She said I was comparable to "Mother Teresa" Wow, I told
her about my meeting Mother Teresa in 1982, I was asked by friend to go to beauty supply shop, I went.
When we arrived the Owner said, my Great Aunt wants to speak to you, I turned around and to my
surprize there was Thee "Mother Teresa",  I went over she grabbed my hands, she said "They told Me
you were here, I came to See for Myself!"  she started kissing my hands, she got down to start to kiss my
feet. In shock I stopped her " I said please get up! ( Honestly I wanted to kiss her feet and Thank Her)
I said you'll blowing my Cover" she laughed got up. She smiled Kissed my Lips, annoited me with Oil. My
friend payed and we left, I will always cherish the Memory! Next, Colette told me I should be on Radio
doing what she does by Jan. 2013, I was on by Feb. She said I Love You! and Shed a Tear of Joy for Me.  

I am Healing from Osteoporosis of Spine and Rheumatoid Arthritis. I am handi-able on disability. In August 2012, I was Calling to Emmanuel and Buddha to Come Assist Me! l made it to 60 and fulfilled my Promises to Them, Please Send Me Help!, so I can Heal my Body, Heart and Mind, I took a kicking but kept on ticking, I was guided to YouTube - EFT Tapping with Wizard Brad Yates Wow! He is a Earth Angel sharing his Profound Healing Gifts with the World! I ask the Angels to meet him for my 60th Birthday! Next day on his site he said " I'm coming to Detroit " for $25 Wow! my Spiritual Son Magic Manny took Me!
  Thank You! Phenomenal Psychic Sisters on You Will Be Forever Blessed and in My Heart, You Set Me Free, So Powerful, So Compassionate too. Your Mom sent Me to You, I can fulfill My Mission because Your Gifts You Shared with Me!

Thank You to Cindy Saul & Gerri Magee for "phenomeNEWS" your gift opened hearts, minds of thousands! Thank You, Louise
Hay and Wayne Dyer for being pioneers and examples for us to follow. where you still shine!
Thank You Beautiful, Brave, Compassionate Earth-Angels, White-Lighters and Human-Beings who came forth to assist in the
"Spiritual, Human and Planetary Evolution of Our Universe" A extra Thanks, to Dolorus Cannon her books, Convoluted Universe are mind altering! Oprah, Ellen and Dr. Oz too! Oh, Lilou Mace on she is Angel who travels the world interveiwing Angels.
         I have so much appriciation and graditude to be able to share this journey with All of You!  

                                                                 A Normal Day in My Life                                                             

         My Angels told me to stop, I was at Grocery store parking lot, They said take picture now! 
                      The clouds moved in front of Sun, I took this unbelievable picture!
                                         A Goddess & God joining Hands! ©2011

                                                   So Beautiful is Our Universe                                                               
      "Heaven & Earth Became One as  Rainbow Beams of Love & Light Come Down from Sun"

                                              Nana's Shout Out's! / to experience Solana
Amazing Past Life Expert Candy O'Donnell for 1 hour Reading $50

Paige Real Accurate Amazing Woman!
Alice & Dennis Twin Flame Psychics Wow www.MessagesfromBeyond BTR on Tues.
at 7:00 pm EST Luv Them!!
Youtube David Palmer Daily Astrology Awesome
 Besty Morgan WOW Goddess Healer Teacher Mother
Gifted, Beautiful Mystic, Healer, Heavenly Channeler *Akasha Bird Go to Also, Artist/Fashion Designer!
Amazing Robin Alexis Mystic, Medium, Intuitive, Healer on Mystic Radio on Angelically Inspired with Dona & Mom, Angel Medium Earth Goddess on Blog Talk 2 times a week too.
Youtube EFT Tapping with Brad Yates, Amazing & Poewerful! & on Thursdays. for Finding out about about Crystals, Stones and Buy Them too!
Dennis Fairchild-Feng Shui Master in MI. 40yrs., Numerolgist, Palmest, call:(248) 546-6912
Boston Tea Rooms in MI. 30yrs. for Readings, Crystals, Cards & Books call:(734) 281-2244
Matthew's Messages by Suzy Ward @
Kapacha Astrologer @   by Tom Lescher
Dolorus Cannon @8:00 p.m. on Friday @  Past Life Reporter.
Kelley Rosano Insightful Monthly Astrology @
Dr. Northrup Spiritual M.D and Debra King Shaman, Sonia Choquette,
Dr. Doreen Virtue Phd. and Dr Weissman, Jean Haner too! @
Astrology Weekly @ Youtube Marie Moore she is Real & Unique Love Her!
and Please check out Radliegh Valentine  He is so Gifted & Gay Love him!
He Co-created Angel Tarot with Doreen Virtue @
More Coming Soon, I'm Listening and sooo Grateful! The World is Healing Because of You!
 UPDATE: May 7, 2013, Amazing!  My Backyard at Senior Bldg.
 Cell's Eye View Oh My LOL! This is what Ascension Looks
Like! © by Lady Nana Mystery
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